A Walk Through Tuscany

Size: 16 x 12

Media: Acrylic on canvas

How I wish I could be strolling the streets of Italy right now!



Size: 20 x 16

Media: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Ice Age

Size: 30 x 22

Media: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Inspiration for this painting came from browsing through pictures of Alaska and the gorgeous glaciers. I am dreaming about the day I can see them in person!!


Size: 24 x 48

Media: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Have you ever been amazed at the sheer size trees can grow up to? The base appears to be almost unmovable.

Jayeshweta – Leaning on You

Media: Charcoal on paper

One of my first large scale drawings using charcoal.

City Lights

Size: 16 x 24

Media: Acrylic and yarn on stretched canvas

While strolling along the lakeside near my house with my hubby, I was amazed with all the lights glimmering in the water.

Mr. Topiwala

I was just waiting for my husband to finish his things on the computer so I decided to do a quick sketch of him.